4 tips for organizations to help working moms

4 tips for organizations to help working moms

We found an article on Forbes.com with 4 tips for organizations to help working moms. “Before the pandemic, mothers in two-career partnerships were spending approximately 28 percent more time on childcare than fathers. With the closing of schools and daycare facilities, childcare demands have increased exponentially. As a result, fathers are now apparently doing more childcare, but by far the greatest share of the additional burden is being borne by mothers, who are now spending approximately 40 percent more time on childcare than fathers. In other words, because of the pandemic, working mothers’ childcare responsibilities have drastically and disproportionately increased. As Claudia Goldin, professor of economics at Harvard, puts it, “the inequalities that existed before [the pandemic] are now on steroids.” Indeed, the worry, according to sociology professor Barbara Risman, is that this increased inequality in the time devoted to childcare “will push women out of the labor force in a way that will be very hard to overcome.”

4 tips
The same article gives us 4 tips for organisations to improve the situation of working moms:

1. Reassess workflows, deadlines and productivity expectations.

2. Redouble efforts to eliminate gender bias, promote inclusiveness, and assure assignment, evaluation, and compensation practices are discrimination-free.

3. Be sure women’s childcare responsibilities are recognized and valued—and not a source of discrimination.

4. Reach out to working moms with a message of encouragement and support.

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